My interest in the idea of sharing pedagogical purposes comes directly with the contact I have had with the Project for Enhancing Effective Learning at Monash University in Australia. Now each of these teachers were very active in establishing learning agendas with their classes. The impact they were having was inspiring. Each classroom tool can have a purpose beyond delivering content, and this needs to be shared.
I suppose the purpose of this website is collate, crystalise and open dialogues about how to increase this within classrooms. As the quote from Carl Bereiter illustrates this classroom methodology can empower our students.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Student Perspectives on the "Wild about Cramlington" Project.

These are the views of my Year 9 Students who had just completed their first Project Based Learning experience. It is great to see that they are begining to care about what they are learning about and their local community. There are also nice signs that students are beginning to trust one another and value the feedback they recieve from one another, not bad considering there only came together as a group only for this week. It's made me realise (again) of how important it is to establish a learning community in our classrooms.

Obviously the most pleasing outcome of this is not just the fact that they have learned something but that their learning goes beyond the classroom, beyond just trying to please (or appease) sir. There are signs in these statements that it matters, to others what they have learned. I think this came about from two corner stones of the design of this week. Firstly, the product was a useable, real thing that was going to be published, and secondly the presence of experts during their learning, as Learning Futures would describe them Extended Adult World Connection.