My interest in the idea of sharing pedagogical purposes comes directly with the contact I have had with the Project for Enhancing Effective Learning at Monash University in Australia. Now each of these teachers were very active in establishing learning agendas with their classes. The impact they were having was inspiring. Each classroom tool can have a purpose beyond delivering content, and this needs to be shared.
I suppose the purpose of this website is collate, crystalise and open dialogues about how to increase this within classrooms. As the quote from Carl Bereiter illustrates this classroom methodology can empower our students.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

A drafting journey

I love the final drawing in this process, it's a beautiful piece of work from the Call of the Wild project. However, it's the obvious hard work, belief in critique and drafting and the resilence of this young person that impresses me most.

Although this work is six months old, I still vividly remember the pride this student had for this work. Pride, for better and for worse, is addcitive. Once, you've experienced it you want to emulate that feeling again and again. I believe it is transferable, if the process is transferred with it. This for me is why, critique and dratfting works as it catches the students "doing the work", and that it pays off in the end. These drafts illustrate, the unlinear nature of progress, lots of effort for small gains (around draft 4 and 10) followed by a quantum leap between draft 12 and 13.

The progress captured in this work  is not just important for this individual. By valuing drafts, saving them and sharing progress are cultural ways of improving student outcomes.

"The peer community sets the tone on how to be.It sets positive peer pressure." Ron Berger